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How do you pick the right strain? Everyone’s a little different, so it’s worth getting to know your options & preferences.

We’ve created simple categories with commonly experienced effects to help you get started. Use the guides below or come in and talk to one of our budtenders. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll hook you up with the goods.


Sun: Energize

Get a dose of energy with THC dominant sativa. These strains are often found to be uplifting, making them ideal for morning or daytime use. Try it when going for a walk, cleaning the house, brainstorming, or having one of those really good deep conversations with a friend.

FLOWER: Pedro Sweet Sativa “’the flavour and energy of a bag of wine gums”.

PRE-ROLL: 48N Strain Hunters’ Franco’s Lemon Cheese “morning lemon antioxidant”

EDIBLE: Wana Mango Sour Soft Chews “afternoon smoothie on the beach”

VAPE: Daily Special Sour Diesel “Fresh smell of the morning mist”
Beverage: Houseplant grapefruit Sparkling water “A hint of Florida goodness” “Refreshingly grapefruit”




Wind: Flow

Get into your creative flow with THC leaning Hybrids. Studies show that these strains can ignite both the body and mind to promote creativity and relaxation. They can be a good choice for chilling at the cottage, dreaming up new creative ideas, and opening your mind. They’re ideal for daytime or evening use. 

FLOWER: Muskoka Grown Glueberry OG “Your afternoon fruit cup”

PRE-ROLL: Gage Cannabis Strawberry Fire OG “Strawberry sweetness”

EDIBLE: Bhang Milk Chocolate Bar “A little treat after lunch”

VAPE: Dosist Bliss THC Plus Dose “Bliss”

BEVERAGES: XMG Mango Pineapple “Vacation while WFH”




Earth: Balance

Get a milder more balanced high with strains that are equal parts THC and CBD. These strains are generally lower in THC (under 10%). The CBD helps counteract the THC, reducing the anxiety some users can experience with high THC strains. It’s a good choice for parties, micro-dosing, or novices. 

FLOWER: Color Cannabis Mango Haze “vacation mode”

PRE-ROLL: Tantalus Labs Skunk Haze “At peace with mother earth”

CAPSULE: Tweed Penelope Soft Gels “Calm yourself throughout the day”

BEVERAGE: Little Victory Sparkling Blood Orange “A little afternoon refresher”

TOPICAL: 48 North Apothecanna Body Cream “A welcoming treat for your body”




Water: Calm

Find your zen throughout the day or into the night with calming CBD-dominant strains. Some people find they can help ease anxiety, inflammation, and pain. Pro tip: if you feel like you’ve consumed too much THC, countering it with some CBD may help level you out. 

FLOWER: Solei Free “A little spice to calm you”

PRE-ROLL: Simply Bare BC Organic Charlotte CBD “Lemon and pine and all things nice”

EDIBLE: Redecan CBD Gems “Calming like the lake”

BEVERAGE: Quatreau Cucumber & Mint Sparkling Water “An evening at the spa”

TOPICAL: Riva Eucalyptus CBD Lotion “the eucalyptus alone helps relax”




Moon: Rest

Unwind at the end of the day with THC dominant indica strains. Studies show they can give your body and mind some serious rest and relaxation. If you’re feeling achy or tired at the end of the day, THC dominant indica can help ease you into a peaceful night’s sleep. 

FLOWER: Haven St. No. 417 Indigo Daze “Warm lemon water to help close your eyes”

PRE-ROLL: 7 Acres Craft Collective: Ice Cream Cake “Dessert before bed”

EDIBLE: Aurora Drift Grape Soft Chews “Grape juice anyone”

VAPE: Ace Valley Indica Disposable Pen “Like your herbal calming tea”

BEVERAGE: Tweed Bakerstreet & Ginger “The healing of ginger”



Still not sure which strain is right for you?

Visit us in-store and speak to one of our budtenders.

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